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Looking for a new watch strap?

Watch straps and accessories - WATCHBANDCENTER.COM

Then you're in the right place! We stock a very large range of watch straps, watch bands, watch bracelets and watch accessories and are constantly increasing our range of watch straps .
We have over 16,000 watch straps and other products regularly in stock from a range of European brands and manufacturers.

Take a look! Click on "to Online Shop" to start shopping!

Leather watch straps including vegetable tanned leather straps, ostrich, shark and pearl ray leather watch straps and straps made in Germany and Europe...
Metal watch bands with links, expansion bands and mesh bands in a range of thicknesses and colours; We also stock synthetic and textile watch straps...
Branded watch straps from DI-MODELL, GRAF, RIOS1931, HIRSCH, MEYHOFER, STAIB, FLUCO, KUKI, PATTINI and lots more...
Premium and basic watch straps in various designs and styles. e.g. Military, Aviator, Antique, Racing, Fashion, Cuff, Carbon watch straps...
Replacement watch straps suitable for a range of brands, e.g. Swatch, Casio, Junghans, Citizen, IWC, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Omega, Breitling, Rolex...
Diverse buckles and clasps, spring bars, watch tools, watch cases, care products and further watch accessories...
Help finding your perfect watch strap - THE WATCH STRAP FINDER Watchbandcenter - Your watch strap specialist on Facebook! To the watch straps - our Online Shop
News on Twitter from WATCHBANDCENTER about watch straps, accessoires and more...
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Here you will find all our watch straps made of leather Here you will find all our special watch bands
Here you will find all our watch bands made of metal Here you will find our range of watch straps for watch brands
Here you will find all our watch bands made of synthetic materials Here you will find useful watch tools and parts
Here you will find all our watch straps made of leather Here you will find all our mesh watch bands Here you will find all our NATO watch straps Here you will find all our racing style watch straps Here you will find all our silicone watch bands Here you will find all our watch straps with leather pads
The images above show some of the categories in our shop which we'd like to give a special mention to. If you're looking for a very high quality watch strap, then please see our 'Deluxe Watch Straps' category; mesh watch bands, also called milanaise watch bands or bracelets are also linked above. We also now stock NATO Style and One-Piece watch straps in textile, leather and Caoutchouc, as part of a range of straps second to none on the internet. Racing and Rally Designs are becoming increasingly popular and can all be conveniently found in one place, by clicking on the image show. Silicone and Caoutchouc watch bands are great for those wanting something more water resistant than leather, they are also normally suitable for those with leather allergies. Those with other types of allergies eg. Nickel or other types of metal might want to look through our watch straps with leather pads, also often called cuff watch straps. These straps protect the skin from the metal underside of your watch and/or the buckle of the watch strap.
Here you will find all our watch straps made of leather Here you will find all our mesh watch bands Here you will find all our NATO watch straps

More Recommendations

In our online shop we also stock buckles and clasps to fit many of our watch straps, as well as watch straps recommended for customers with sensitive skin, including vegetable tanned straps and straps made of leather alternatives. We also have a section of the shop where you can find watch straps which have been partly or wholly manufactured in Germany or Europe.

Watch Strap Finder from Watchbandcenter

The Watch Strap Finder from Watchbandcenter enables you to find watch straps by lug width, material, colour, brand etc... By using the drop down menus to choose your requirements, you can narrow down search results in order to find a watch strap suitable for your watch. We have different versions of the Watch Strap Finder, one for leather watch straps, one for synthetic watch straps, one for metal watch bands, as well as one for straps from Germany and Europe, straps for brands and specialist straps.

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WATCH STRAP FINDER: Leather, Synthetic, Metal watch straps...

Further Info

How is a watch strap made?

What is the Swiss Full-Bugg Technique?

How do I exchange a watch straps or buckles?

How do I shorten a metal watch band (bands with links)?

How do I shorten Flex watch straps (Metal expansion bands)?

More help can be found here...

Watch strap lug width

How to find a suitable watch strap

Please measure the lug width of your watch and the required length based on the circumference of your wrist, before purchasing a new watch strap! The colour, style and design of the watch strap is left up to you and the design of the watch the strap is for!

More Information...

Watch strap length

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Standard Lug Ends? Do you need an original replacement watch strap?

Original Replacement Watch Straps

We sell a range of watch straps suitable for, and from, various watch brands including Casio, Citizen, Junghans, Seiko, Jacob Jensen, Danish Design and more... We are often asked if an original replacement watch strap is required. The question you need to ask yourself is "does your watch have standard, straight lug ends with a spring loaded bar/pin?" If yes, then you can choose from a wide range of standard watch straps from across our store. If not, please check out our watch straps for watch brands section and see if we have anything suitable for your watch.

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